About Samarit

Mission Statement:

Our mission is to minimize workplace injuries from improper patient handling with our patented no-lift transfer system. A healthy caregiver boasts a positive and cheery environment! We at Samarit believe a quality product is made with care by a team who all work together. In addition, it is imperative to listen to the end user and make the necessary updates to ensure the product line matches the needs of our valued customers. That is why our products are 100% made in North America to the highest quality standards possible.

Vision Statement:

To have the most efficient lateral patient transfer system in every hospital so that caregivers can have an injury and stress free life. The goal is to have the safest environment for the caregiver and patient possible.

Samarit Medical Industries Inc. is the leader in patient transfer systems. Located just outside of Toronto, Ontario Canada. Samarit has been producing Rollboards in-house, to the highest quality standards. To date there are boards from our early years still in use today. Our entire product line-up is anti-bacterial, radiolucent, anti-static and they have a flame retardant surface. All of our products at Samarit Medical Industries Inc posses FDA, CE, and Health Canada licensing.

Samarit’s aim is to improve care and make life easier for the nurses and caregivers which is reflected in an independent patient transfer study. The Lateral Transfer Data Report was conducted by Andrea Baptiste, M.A., O.T., C.I.E. and Kay Steadman, M.A., O.T.R., C.H.S.P. Our Rollboard was ranked #1 in lateral transfers as the most comfortable and efficient system.

Mike Lalani has been involved with Samarit Medical Industries Inc since 2000 as a production specialist, and research & development engineer. Mike moved the ranks to the manager of sales and marketing for the Americas in 2008. In 2016 Mike became the President of Samarit Medical Industries Inc. and has helped pioneer many advancements in our rollboards.


Mike Lalani
President of Samarit Medical Ind. Inc.